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Scheduled mass extinction

The great mass extinctions

Mass extinction is a major event in which a very large percentage of living things on earth disappear.

This definition is quite recent since it is attributed to Jack Sepkoski and David M.Raup.

The first took place about 445 million years ago, probably following a glaciation causing climatic and ecological disorders. About 380 million years ago, the second resulted in the extinction of 75% of living species. During the third, 245 million years ago, 95% of marine life disappeared as well as 75% of land species. A fourth took place about 200 million years ago. 35% of animal families disappeared as well as 75% of marine species. It was during the fifth mass extinction, about 66 million years ago, that dinosaurs and 50% of living species became extinct.

Man and the sixth mass extinction

Man appeared on earth after the fifth mass extinction, 7 million years ago. If we locate the Bing Bang 13.7 billion years ago, man only appeared on earth yesterday. It would have appeared in Chad, because you should know that Man is a tropical animal, even if, over the millennia, he has become accustomed to all temperatures.

In June 2015, biologists from the American universities of Stanford, Princeton and Berkeley announced that "We are entering the sixth great mass extinction" in a study published by the journal Science Advances. Man would be the actor of his own extinction.

According to Luc Bussière, biologist and specialist in human evolution at the University of Stirling in the United Kingdom, one of the hypotheses of this mass extinction could be a nuclear war followed by a prolonged nuclear winter, that is to say say a cooling of the Earth's climate linked to the absorption of radiation from the Sun by a thick fog.

But Men do not want to hear such an apocalypse because it seems terrifying to them. A little lucidity would make it possible to implement scenarios likely to fight against global warming and, consequently, ensure the survival of all humanity.

There is indeed the “ Paris Agreement on the Climate ”. On 22.09.2020, at the United Nations Assembly, Xi Jinping, the Chinese president announced a carbon neutrality objective by 2060. Recall that China is the world's leading polluter with 28% of global greenhouse gas emissions Greenhouse). But, will Earth be patient enough?

Humanity's survival is no longer guaranteed at all. Since 1971, each year we consume more than what the earth can offer us in one year. In other words, we are drawing natural reserves which will not be renewed. This is the famous Earth Overshoot Day calculated by the Global Footprint Network. We consume earlier and earlier what the earth can only offer the following year.

Radical solutions

Many "elites" are working on radical solutions. For example, the Bilderberg Group whose members come from the world of diplomacy, business, politics or the media. The members meet discreetly to talk about it. Their program is based on eugenics which consists in developing practices allowing to arrive at the creation of perfect races, intelligent and without physical defects. According to the eminences of the group, two thirds of humanity should be removed, that is to say men and women who do not meet specific criteria.

In a 2009 report, the United Nations Population Fund (FNUP), agreed that we can only feed the whole planet if we massively reduce the world's population. The "how" remains to be defined, but the reader will quickly understand that the means used will probably not have the good fortune to please him.

The London School findings  of Economics (LES) are to eliminate by 2050 a third of the world population not because we can no longer feed everyone, but because it is the cheapest way to solve the problem of global warming.

In a press release, still in 2009, the OPT [1] wrote that the Earth can only feed five billion people.

So when Donald Trump refused to ratify the Paris Climate Agreement and excited Kim Jong-Un with multiple threats, one cannot help but wonder if it is not wanted. The immediate consequence of the lack of political maturity of the former US president is that all attempts to find peaceful solutions through diplomatic channels were doomed to failure during his tenure. Only the military option remains, which would support Luc Bussière's hypothesis.

In my essay " Why and How the United States Made Daesh ", I emphasize that the United States is not a good ally for Europe.

It's time to pull yourself together

Also, it is time to replace all the leaders whose myopia prevents them from seeing beyond their re-election by real visionaries: the European peoples. They will adopt another model of governance, another model of growth, another model of recognition.

Are there enough men and women available to make citizens aware of this problem?



[1] Optimum Population Trust

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