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A qui profite la guerre

The film is produced by RTBF and the Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles

with the participation of France Télévision

duration: 1:34:02

Les nouveaux maitres du monde.JPG

The film is directed by Jean-Luc Léon

duration: 48:29

Goldman sachs.JPG


duration: 1:11:37

Capture d’écran 2022-06-21 120615.png


durée: 1:30:02

The reports

Growth objectors (MpOC)

Interview with the director Journalist Marc Roche  by Julien Arnaud on LCI.

duration: 14:11

Presentation of his book: the world hydra "- Do banks govern the world?


duration: 12:07


Riccardo Petrella

invited by the Collective "Quebec without poverty" - 09.12.2011

duration: 50:29

Six ideas that change the world. 

Riccardo Petrella

Invited by the Collective "Quebec without poverty" - 26.10.2012

duration: 35:31

Riccardo Petrella

Invited by ESB-CSQ (Brundtland Green Establishments - Quebec) - November 8, 2012

duration: 58:27

Riccardo Petrella

within the framework of the "Grandes Con Conférence Liégeoises" - 23.03.2016

duration: 1:45:12

Bruno Massé (from RQGE)

as part of the response to austerity (23 to 27.02.2015) organized by the Amis de la Terre du Québec -  02/23/2015

duration: 1:08:07

Serge Latouche

within the framework of the cultural project of popular education "of the Words against the Evils"

at the Tarentaize media library at 42000 Saibt-Etienne - 01/30/2014

duration: 1:04:56

Theme: "Degrowth, a project to put an end to the economy of growth?"

Serge Latouche

as part of the Friends of the Diplomatic World of Hérault conferences

Montpellier  - 02/18/2016

duration: 1:02:54

Serge Latouche

duration: 1:43:00

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