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Transhumanist totalitarianism


Behind these words, which are difficult to define for most citizens, hides a threat. Transhumanism is a vast movement pursuing the project of improving humanity both physically and intellectually, through science and technology. Obviously this is not just any technology. These are artificial intelligence, biotechnologies, information technologies, nanotechnologies, techno-medicine .... They are called "disruptive technologies because they are out of step with the current technologies that they want. They are grouped together under the acronym NBIC (Nano technologies, Biotechnologies, Information Technologies, Cognitive science).

Currently, no serious study exists from an economic point of view about this science still in gestation which still seems to be science fiction. On the other hand, as technological projects progress, ethical questions will shake up the agendas of our elected politicians. who will have to legislate urgently, as is currently the case for Covid-19. It would therefore be better for Europe to equip itself with excessively well informed government teams supported by large majorities.


NBICs are not to be systematically rejected. For example, DNA sequencing allows a laboratory to produce the specific drug capable of curing cancer from a flap of skin. Thanks to NBICs we can manufacture artificial hearts or pancreas, a bionic eye as well as 3D printers capable of creating organs.


The threat is that trans humanists, often powerful and wealthy, will cherish the dream of immortality through organ replacements. They even go so far as to propose to get rid of the human body by cloning the spirit on another medium. The author of these hypotheses is well known since it is Raymond Kurzweil, author of the bible of transhumanists, the Singularity is Near, and chief engineer within Google.


Currently he is working on a project to merge human intelligence with computers to create a central collective artificial intelligence.


It is essential that Europe equips itself with well-informed teams, based on large majorities as I have just said, because they flirt with the limits of what is ethically acceptable. Separating the wheat from the chaff will not be easy, and the lobbies will try by any means to rally our elected officials to their cause. If they were successful, it would lead to a new form of totalitarianism. Transhumanism would then appear as the logical outcome of a techno-capitalist doctrine, the end of a long process of destruction of the conditions of possibility of authentic life in general and democracy in particular.


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