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Getting involved in politics is above all "getting involved"!


Getting involved in politics is above all "getting involved", that is to say leaving your comfort zone and taking risks: risk of having to carry out projects, risk of speaking out, risk of being brought in to give his opinion when we know full well that the others will not share it, risk having to issue constructive criticism, ...

But many of us are already in politics, All those who build the future play politics, in any profession, all those who engage in volunteering, play politics, all those who campaign for a better living together in their neighborhood, in their living environment, ... They all play politics.


When we have a taste for the future, when we like to move forward, when we feel the need to act in order not to suffer, then we go further: we carry a project and we try to unite more and more. more people to support it, we opt for a method, we defend our values, we hoist them to the top of a standard.


Confrontation and consultation: what a difference.


What do strikes and demonstrations really last? They are the result of a confrontation between groups who each believe they have the truth.

Consultation is something else. it presupposes a deep reflection on both sides in order to prepare for teamwork. This work is done in the House of Representatives and in the various committees ... And this is where each of us must be, this is where each of those we choose to represent us must be, C ' is where we must control our elected officials and call them to order if necessary.

The demonstration only has meaning if, beforehand, we have chosen our elected representatives in good conscience, and if we have an effective tool to control them.

What is happening is not the fault of others.

What is happening is not the fault of others. We are all responsible for it. Isn't it better to invest in guiding society towards a favorable project rather than to let it go by telling yourself that, ultimately, it is inevitable.

It's a fact ! Having the noble objective of improving "living together" is not a guarantee of success, so much the ideals which converge towards a policy in the general interest are jostled.

The great difficulty for the militants is to accept the imperfection of the cause which one espouses. It is essential to accept that it is discussed and, at the same time, to keep intact your determination. Commitment is a constant battle between the ability to listen, and the provision of a clear and strong response compatible with one's ideals, between doubt and one's deep conviction.

Clear souls do not wait to rely on absolute values and irreproachable means before acting. They agree to join an imperfect cause. They know the recipe for successful active participation: a minimum dose of optimism, tolerance and determination.

Qualities of those who participate in the improvement of our political systems.

1. They keep their ideals intact without being naive,

2. They keep intact their optimism about the future while being aware that the current crises and difficulties will only be resolved through the duration of the engagement,

3. He / they agree to remain an independent and free voice for the general interest,

4. They do not let themselves be defeated by the exhausting right / left fight,

5. They remain determined but open to the ideas of others,

6. They lead a policy of truth, justice and responsibility.


Why does nothing change then despite these fine words?


Don't make me say what I didn't say. Despite the corruption, despite the dubious compromises, despite the fact that we have the feeling that our elected officials do not represent us, we cannot say that all politics are bad, because there is  those who work day and night for a better life together.


It moves anyway. Look at everything that has changed since  1945 to offer a future to our children, for our comfort ... Okay! It changes slowly but if you don't see why it doesn't change faster, it's because you don't see that the nation created you .. YOU!

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