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Towards a new social pact


You don't have to be an exegete of politics to observe and understand that all our benchmarks are collapsing around us: the depression in which the Democracies are sinking, the gradual collapse of our ecosystems, the aggravation of the impoverishment that 'no government is in a position to halt, the World Economic Crisis amplified by the COVID-19 effect ..., the abandonment of monetary decision-making levers to the banking industry ...


The energy, social and economic transitions that we are calling for may not be able to live up to our expectations as we remain wait-and-see. However, if there is a slight chance of paradigm shifting, we cannot give it up. To take an active part in this great adventure which awaits us seems to me more than desirable. It seems imperative to me.



My philosophy is to


1. to strengthen our social system based on solidarity between all human beings, whatever their origin,

2. to establish an unconditional basic income and thereby promote the emergence of a collaborative economy that cares about the environment.

3. Work for the realization of a new social pact (in particular the rights and the duties of each one) with the aim of a better "living together".


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